Native browser proxy support in Brave - is there any chance?

I have Brave browser in my system from very long time. However time to time I need to access sites those are not available in my region, I simply use socks proxy through ssh for VPN and done but don’t want to use system wide. Simple and neat solution but can’t do that with brave.

As in brave, to use proxy, you have to use system proxy, is there any chance to get this built in next version of Brave, would be nice feature.


I talked about a bit on I2P in Brave Browser

They do know about this problem

Currently, only extensions will be able to do it.

Would have been nice if don’t have to use third party extension. I am sure lots of folks with privacy concern uses multiple proxy in their day to day life.

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Agreed. This is a limitation coming from Chromium unfortunately.

It might be on the Chromium roadmap, not sure. But that would be the best place to implement it as things stand today.

Highly unlikely that it will happen from chromium open source project.

They value security above everything else. Browser level proxy reduces security inherently.
According to me, they will never implement it.

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