I cant access Brave when I'm connecting to proxy. any ideas Pls

When I use a third party proxy provider such 911 I. when I want to pass through proxy to brave browser is not getting connected to the internet. I was searching for the reason and I can’t identified it. while others as I’m seeing on the net they are connected to brave using 911 proxy. so i don’t know the reason behind this. Please any solution. Thanks

Welcome to the community. The following links may help. The Chromium documentation has troubleshooting information.


If you need additional help, you will need to provide more information.

  1. Brave & OS version found at brave://version
  2. Steps you have taken so far and any error messages you are receiving

Hope this helps!

hey, thanks For Your reply

i Know how to use 911 I’m using it with Mozilla Firefox
, But when I try brave it’s not working with Me actually. see the picture above

@rachid Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you try the troubleshooting steps in the Chromium link? Reposting link.


There are a lot of intricacies to configuring proxy settings as you intend:

  • Different profiles can use different proxy settings
  • Extensions can modify the proxy settings
  • If using the system setting, other applications can change them, and there can be per-connection settings.
  • The proxy settings might include fallbacks to other proxies, or direct connections
  • Plugins (for instance Flash and Java applets) can bypass the Chrome proxy settings alltogether
  • Other third-party components in Chrome might issue DNS resolves directly, or bypass Chrome’s proxy settings.
  • The first thing to check when debugging is look at the Proxy tab on about:net-internals, and verify what the effective proxy settings are:


Next, take a look at the DNS tab of about:net-internals to make sure Chrome isn’t issuing local DNS resolves:


Next, to trace the proxy logic for individual requests in Chrome take a look at the Events tab of about:net-internals:


Also posting a link to clearing DNS cache that may be helpful.

Really, those troubleshooting steps will help narrow down/eliminate problems. You should work through all of those, especially clearing history/caches, disabling extensions, and creating a new profile to see if works in a new profile. You should probably try to see if you still have a problem using Brave Beta and/or Nightly releases.

If you are still experiencing an issue after troubleshooting, please post an update and provide any new information. Please provide your Brave and OS versions found at brave://version too. Tag the moderators in your update post. The moderators may have additional information or troubleshooting steps. They will need the troubleshooting information and your Brave/OS version to provide additional support.

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