Brave browser doesn't support SOCKS5 proxy authentication

I installed SwitchyOmega a few days ago and have been testing it with some proxies. When I try to set it for SOCKS5, it warns me that my browser doesn’t support SOCKS5 authentication. Indeed, when I try it, I get proxy error.

I had found some threads complaining about it, all of them with no reply and closed due to inactivity.

Is this a chromium limitation, or Brave fault? I know that per-tab proxy isn’t possible because extension API doesn’t support that, but what about SOCKS5 proxy?

I was looking to switch to Brave browser but it lacks of a vital feature for my usage: it doesn’t support socks5 proxy authentication.


On FireFox SwitchOmega works properly. On Brave I’ve been using HTTPS.

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@Hikari and @roundcubeeight

What other browser(s) are you using that have native SOCKS5 support?
Firefox - yes.
What others?
Also, what environment are ya’ll executing in?

Brave is based on Chromium (not Chrome), so this should work (though I’ve not tested it myself) - notice the protocol identified in the command-line option is “socks5”. Here is the lead-in paragraph:

To configure chrome to proxy traffic through the SOCKS v5 proxy server myproxy:8080 , launch chrome with these two command-line flags:” …

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Plz don’t troll.

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(using Brave “Dev” channel browser, Version 1.15.68 Chromium: 86.0.4240.55 (Official Build) dev 64-bit, on openSUSE [Linux] Tumbleweed).
@roundcubeeight - thought you might be interested … I previously mentioned I had not tested, but have since done minimal testing today.

First off, this first screenshot shows the running result (i.e., the output of “ps” at CLI) of the command line execution of Brave [Dev channel] confirming the command line options as described at the Chromium link I provided in my previous post.

The “–proxy-server=” entry tells Brave to use the local [Socks server] proxy using the SOCKS5 protocol. In a nutshell, I started up Brave Dev at the command line using the options we see in the screenshot.


And here’s a screenshot snippet of Wireshark traffic - it goes without saying we can see SOCKS5 traffic - this traffic was me navigating the Brave Community website with the Brave Dev browser.


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So when next version is released, will we have SOCKS5 authentication support? it’s awesome if a fix is on the way!

I just tried again and it’s still not working on Brave (Version 1.13.86 Chromium: 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and working on FireFox. I will wait a couple weeks and try it again.

On firefox you can use foxyproxy which lets you use residential/datacenter socks5 proxies: