How to shorten the url window

I want to shorten the URL window.

It is in settings menu

Many thanks. Will look again.

Apologies for not replying sooner. I’ve tried everything in “Settings” and still have an unnecessarily long URL window:

I have to pin extensions to get them to appear.


I don’t think it goes smaller than that. You have already made it smaller the extent you can from the settings via brave://settings/appearance. In it, you disabled use ‘Use Wide Address Bar’. That is how it got smaller from the original, and not by pinning extensions.

If a smaller URL bar is a dealbreaker for you, then you may try Firefox. Right-Click on the Tab bar, click on customized, then add flexible spaces on each side to shorten it. Still, it will be the same as the current URL bar in your photo.
You will need to go via userchrome.css method in Firefox to completely shorten URL bar. It is a long and complicated process to do this way in Firefox.

The current URL bar seen in your photo is industry standard.

Thanks very much. I will stick with Brave.

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