How do I always show the full url in the address bar

I’m running Brave v1.9.76 on macOS. I have looked through preferences but can find no way to stop Brave from shortening the URL I show in the address bar. It removes “https://”, it removes “www”, etc. I’d like to always show the whole URL. Is there any way to do this?



This, and the annoying changes made to the way you edit urls directly in the address bar are the reasons I finally ditched chrome after all these years. I tried to get used to these regresses, but they are too annoying.

I tried ‘brave’ today, and am disappointed to see that they’ve followed chrome with these two bugs… I hope ‘brave’ will allow us to fix this, or I’ll be off somewhere else…

i SWEAR i saw this setting somewhere before but i’ve looked around several times now and i can’t find it…

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