Brave Talk Meeting Room ID

Hi, I really like the Brave Talk feature and would like to use it instead of Zoom. However there is ONE feature that Zoom has that needs to be in Brave. Please let me know if I simply missed it somewhere. In Zoom I can create one meeting room and always use the same one. That allows me have one link to the meeting room that I can send ahead of time to clients that I have scheduled with. It seems that currently the only way to go to a meeting is to open up a new one and each time it is a different link. Impossible to send a link to someone a day ahead of time that way.


I’d love this feature as well.

Yes please. I am using because I need the permanent meeting link in my Calendly invites. However, I would use Brave instead if it had this feature.

This exists, actually. I believe it might be a premium feature where you need to pay monthly, but it’s there. We actually have a room that’s used weekly for the Community Call,

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