How to save unclaimed BAT as I need to reinstall the OS

I need to reset my pc and there is unclaimed BAT. How to save it so that when I install brave again then I got all my BAT back. Please suggest

Bro I don’t know if it works or not but I read it online. go to ‘brave://version/’ there u can see profile path. That is the path where your BRAVE data is stored. So backup the entire folder and after reinstalling BRAVE replace the folder which u already have.
Seriously I don’t know if it works, please do check online too and if it works please do me a favour, please leave a reply

thanks bro. i will try this

I would not recommend this (“brave://version/”) because I have also read articles where doing so might corrupt the files/seed and you end up loosing the BAT on both brave browsers(one prior and the one after resetting your pc).
You could try verifying your wallet, but I’m not sure if that will retain your unclaimed BAT.

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