How to restore mute button on video?

I use brave to view YouTube and I noticed that the audio was muted which i see by a icon of a speaker with a cross. I unmuted by clicking the icon on the video, but his do I mute again, getting this icon on the video back?

Android 12 s21 ultra

You can right-click a tab and choose “Mute site,” is that what you’re looking for?

On Brave Android I can’t see tabs I only see from the small icon set the bottom that there are eg 4 open. How to get tabs and where/how to mute audio when playing YouTube videos?

I see info from play store that Brave browser is free but has ads. I haven’t seen any ads yet, how is this (free with ads) to be understood?

Is it possible to stop auto play videos on web pages?

Any suggestions?



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