How To Remove Misspelled Words From Spell Check

During editing in, I inadvertently added a misspelled word into Brave Browser Spell Check.

This issue can be reproduced by misspelling a woerd in this editor, highlight the misspelled word, & then right-click on it & move your mouse to highlight the words “Add To Dictionary” & click on the phrase.

That will add the misspelled word into the Brave Browser Spell Check Dictionary.

I am using the latest Brave version: v 1.11.104

How can I remove this misspelled word from the Brave Browser Spell Check Dictionary?

Hello @Tito

go to settings additional settings languages then Manage spell check and remove the word you like from the list there

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


I believe that this option adds the word to the Windows local user dictionary – not a “Brave dictionary”. If you go to the Windows search and search for View user dictionary, you should see any/all words that you have added to it and also be able to remove them.


My spell check is turned off in Windows.

Hi justsomeone1,

Your solution worked.

Although I had to guess where “Manage Spell Check” was because it wasn’t literally listed under “Additional Settings”. I click on “Languages” & then I clicked on “Customize spell check”. And just scrolled to my misspelled word & deleted it!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

Have a Blessed Day!

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you welcome and glad it work
thanks a lot and you too :slight_smile:

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