I added a misspelled word to the dictionary by accident - how do I edit it?

I accidentally added an incorrectly spelled word to the dictionary (Brave’s dictionary, I think?) when I right-clicked a red-underlined word. How can I access this personal dictionary to edit it? In settings the only spell check-related option I see is to turn it on or off completely.


Hi @bdsoper,

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What OS are you on? This might be a site specific issue, or do you have any spelling extensions?

Hi, thanks for responding!
I’m running OS 10.14.5 (Mojave), not using any spelling extensions.


Hi @bdsoper,

Try by resetting the toggle in preferences.

Preferences -> Additional Settings -> Languages -> Spell Check -> Turn toggle Off

Let me know if that does the trick!

Sadly, no dice.

Toggling the spell checker on and off in settings doesn’t seem to reset the personal dictionary. The misspelled word I mistakenly added to my dictionary (“employement”) still doesn’t get red squiggly underline it should.

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