How to remove extensions without launching browser?

My Brave is crashing all the time at launch, and I’m not even able to disable extensions to see what is happening. I was thinking to make a fresh installation, but then I would lose all my passwords and bookmarks.

Is there a way to disable extensions without launching Brave? I have a suspicion that one extension is causing the trouble?

Also, is there a way to backup passwords and bookmarks by locating them in Finder?

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Is the installation that you’re experiencing the crashes on part of a Sync chain by chance? If so, you may be running into a known issue affecting many users that is not related to extensions. However, the easiest way to test whether or not it is an extension would be to launch a new Private browsing window – as private browsing sessions will not carry over extensions from your main profile (unless explicitly set to do so).

  • If the browser launches and stays open in private mode, you’re likely correct that an extension is causing the issue. If so, let me know and we can walk through the steps to remove/uninstall extensions without launching.
  • If the browser does not stay open in private mode, try downloading and installing the latest Brave update we released that disables Sync and should stop your browsing from crashing.

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