How to recover my old brave data?


I’ve recently formatted my laptop and I forgot to export my data prior. My phone is still synced to my laptop and hence I have access to all my bookmarks and history.

Is there a way I can recover it or maybe sync my laptop to my phone and get the data back?

@grandaobimba Yeah, it’s just like you said, sync it with your phone. So from your Brave browser in the phone go to Settings > Sync and then click on “Add New Device.” At that point you’ll have the QR code or code you need. On your formatted laptop, you’ll open Brave, go settings > Sync and add it to an existing chain. Put in the code and it should then be able to pull all of the bookmarks and all you had saved.

This will be your bookmarks and history. Later on you’ll likely want to remove your “old” laptop from the sync chain to reflect only what you’re actively using, but yeah…

Thank you very much mate! :slight_smile:
Worked like a charm.