How can i get my brave bookmarks from a previous device

Hey, so i have been using Brave for over 6months, I have created multiple profiles and bookmarks there.

recently i formatted my laptop and I reinstalled brave, now i cant seem to get my old bookmarks back, how can i get my bookmarks from my previous Brave


You can get your bookmarks back only if:

  1. You did sync with another device
  2. You saved your bookmarks as *.html
  3. You saved Brave user data folder
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Yep that about covers it and I do all of these on a weekly basis.

For each of the scenarios @CerealLover suggested above, to get your bookmarks on your new installation:

  1. Add your new installation to the Sync chain your other device(s) are on — this will Sync bookmarks and any other selected data types to the new installation.
  2. In your new installation, go to Settings --> Bookmarks --> more options --> Import bookmarks... and select the .html file you saved.
  3. Copy/paste replace the User data folder from your new installation with the one you saved from your old one — this should bring in just about all data (including bookmarks) from your old installation into your new one.

Hope this helps.

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