Why Has Brave Not Got A Speed Dial?

The one thing Brave lacks is a speed dial such as the one in Opera. Is there any chance one can be added to the browser at the next update? I find the new Tab is totally useless, it has Top Sites visited, but there is no way for the user to add sites as you can in Opera.


While we don’t have plans to implement a speed dial explicitly, we do have many changes and enhancements coming to the NTP that should satisfy much of what a speed dial does. You can view a list of upcoming projects/in progress projects on our NTP project board on Github.

I use bookmarks bar instead of speed dial. You can set it to appear only on a new tab page.

We have new tab page improvements targeted for stable release by the end of the month, sooner for other builds:

I will – thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

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