Request for a useful feature named "Speed Dial"

Hello there,
I’ve a feature request.

Currently Brave has no in built “Speed Dial” feature. It’s heck of an important & needy feature people like us. While in Desktop there has 3rd party speed dials in the Chrome store, but there has privacy issues as well. So, I don’t want to use any 3rd party extension & invade my privacy.

On Smartphone (Android), it’s heck of a pain in the ass that Brave mobile browser doesn’t even support chromium extension. And there has no buit in Speed Dial feature. So, unlile desktop on Android there has no way.

So, I’m requesting to the Developers community that please consider to add Speed Dial feature both on Desktop & Mobile client of Brave Browser.

What is speed dial???

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Use Opera Browser or add any “Speed Dial” from Chrome Store then you’ll get it.

Speed Dial is like website URL shortcut in the browser homepage.

It is present in Brave.
Steps to find it are :-

  1. Open new tab page in Brave.
  2. Click on customize at the bottom right of the page
  3. Then go to top sites.
  4. Toggle the top sites button and select favorites option.
  5. Now some sites will appear on home page.
  6. There in Top sites widget find 3 dots and click on it.
  7. Click on add site and then you can add site of your choice to New Tab Page.

If this solves your problem Mark it as the solution.

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The “icon” or site thumbnail size is far too small and seriously limited. Maxes out at 12. Not very useful in this state and certainly not speed dail.

I have used speed dial on different browsers and it is something I used several times a day (hour). I very much like Brave but not having a usable speed dial detracts from all the positive aspects of Brave.

Why the thing present in Brave is not speed dial?

Brave has url shortcut, not speed dial.
Can’t able to manually add shortcut.
After browsing a site, shortcut got automatically added. I don’t want it that every site I visit & brave placed a shortcut.
I want to manually add my shortcuts more than 20 or 30 sites on my homepage.
Which Brave doesn’t support.

To put that into perspective, thats my daily useage sites which I customized to place the url shortcut on my homepage.

But Brave doesn’t support adding many speed dials, not even adding sites manually on homepage, not any single customization.

On Desktop, there has a little bit of customization hidden beneath but on the Mobile there has no single way.
Brave mobile version has no customization on homepage.
Meh :roll_eyes:

Because it’s extremely small and limited. Speed Dail is typically a way to organized an “infinite” amount of resources so that you can access them fast. The sad thing Brave has limits the icon/thumbnail size (way too small, especially for visually impaired) and only allows like 12 sites…

Under Opera or Vivaldi my roommate normally has the entire page (and more) set up with 128x128 or 256x256 icons of the sites she uses every day.