New Brave browser user

i’m switching to brave browser and i installed the 1.52.126 version on my windows but i have some questions.

  • even if the new tab page is great, is it possible to add a speed dial like in opera (with folder support too) and if yes, how?

  • i find in “brave://flags/#enable-force-dark” to enable “Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents” it’s very good but is it possible to put a shortcut to enable/disable on a website if that create a problem to see content?

  • i find how to sync with my phone, but i didn’t find how to sync for backup if i need reinstall, is it possible, is it with the phone?

Use CIELAB mode in brave://flags/#enable-force-dark it is the only good mode, there is Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements but it works just like CIELAB.

If you want to personalize the auto-dark mode, then use the Adblocker with the :style() rule to inject the color-scheme: CSS property. and it can be done per item or the whole page, you can look at this for how it works.
So for example you use only light !important;) for the whole page or only light !important;) per item.
Brave doesn’t allow generic cosmetics like that, so it has to be done per domain.

With the Sync, you should be able to see the code,, and all you do is save it somewhere safe, then if you need to recover it, take the first 24 words and then replace the 25th by the daily word you can find here and done.

thank you very much for theses informations.

any idea about the speed dial question?

I would just install an extension, there are many great NTPs around if you want more functionality, maybe Brave will expand the NTP someday, but they don’t really touch it much besides the backgrounds.

But just a quick search I found:

i tryed many and actually it’s this one but they aren’t good like the one in opera xd. i keep your links to try after this one thanks

There is also this one

It is open source and you can easily suggest things to be added.

the one i tried was good but slow and ask often to pay so i changed to this one an open source inspired by the opera speed dial.

thanks for the link, i find him too and probably the next i’ll try if need.

i would like to know if filters added manualy in brave://settings/shields/filters are sync too to mobile and to backup if i need resinstall my OS or if i need keep the list out of brave too

They are not as far as I am aware.
I think It’s just easier if you made a github account or something like that and made your custom lists instead of having them as custom filters, that way you can just copy and paste a link and update the lists when necessary.

The process of updating list should be better soon, in couple Stable updates.
Latest nightly added Expires: support, so now the lists won’t automatically update only every 7 days.

Also, you make changes to the filters by using a proper text editor rather than Brave’s custom filters box.
For example, Visual Studio Code has an extension by Adguard team, it has support for ABP, Adguard and uBlock syntax which Brave uses.
Also it has multicursor editing and a bunch of other extensions, or well, just the search/replace function with regex support is enough to want to use a text editor rather than custom filters.

I use custom filters, but it is mostly for quickly testing filters or adding temporary filters or something more specific to my Device, I have a bunch of lists that I made, especially if I want to use Edge or something, I can easily load them in uBlock. I usually use Brave supported features, even if uBlock still has more features like Procedural Cosmetics, I want to be able to switch back and forth if I have to, because I use both uBlock and Brave adblocker, but uBlock in Brave is mostly to see what rules aren’t supported by Brave and fix them myself with a workaround until Brave gets proper support.

Just tips and tricks, but having your custom list somewhere and loading it will always be better than synching, since synching can mess with things.
For example, you removed a rule on desktop that breaks things, but it was working in Android and now it will be deleted by the sync.
You can see this issue when using multiple users, because custom lists and custom filters are global, they are in the Local data file, so they are not per user, so you make a change and it affects everyone, that’s why I wouldn’t like sync, especially in Chromium where so many Preferences are synched with no way to personalize that.

But anyway, to be honest, you don’t even need github BTW, just a local server would be okay.
if your router supports USB and can access files and all that, should be okay, or something like Servez which can easily create the server so you can use local LAN address for your lists and done, easily update the lists without any external server.

Many ways to workaround this.

i already use public lists and my own, my question was just to avoid copy/paste links.

do brave support include in list ? if yes that can help me too because i can make 1 list with all included, like this : !#include

like that i have only one link to copy/paste :slight_smile:

No, Brave doesn’t support include.

Also, !#include wouldn’t even do what you want to do, it only include files that it is in the same directory as the list you are adding, that means. uBlock wiki, exactly tells you that using links like that is ‘incorrect usage’.

And yes, Public are public, that’s not what I mean, what I mean is how you create your list if you are creating your own filters and instead of using the custom filters box if you want to apply something everywhere.
When you create your own lists, and you created your github account or gitlab or whatever, then you should know the URL of your lists already, it’s not like you want to use the ‘perma link’ or anything, so you don’t need to copy paste anything, and if you use a local server then it is simpler because if you create a local server in documents and you have your list.txt in documents you will access it by and done, then you only need to start the local server, hit update and you can close it.

thanks i didn’t think to look inn uBlock wiki so my idea was bad lol

i already have a NAS server at home so maybe i’ll do it when i have time.

Yeah include is pretty much for uBlock because they split the lists, but I never understood why they did that, like… a single list would have been the same.

Brave puts all filters in a single list, which I forgot to mention in case you didn’t know, Brave doesn’t really need extra lists to block trackers and ads and all that, because Brave uses uBlock default lists as default, there is only Quick fixes that wasn’t added because it has many Procedural Cosmetics, so it wasn’t necessary until Procedurals aren’t supported.

But these are the default lists in case you are adding some lists that might just create duplicates. Brave default list is like 130K filters.

And this is the list of the regional ones in case you want to see where they come from

My only reason to have uBlock installed is for the few small features that aren’t supported, so I fix it with other features supported or fix the syntax or something in case of a small incompatibility. But Brave as it is, shouldn’t need like many public lists like some people install and they are just creating duplicates of rules which will affect performance, also will force Brave to consume even more memory RAM, because for some reason, so many filters have caused Brave Adblock to use little more RAM than what uBlock would use, but it’s not leaking, just grows a little more but stays there.

So just a little note since you said you were a new user and I don’t know if you have added duplicates of lists that Brave already includes by default.

I tend to ‘hack’ Brave’s adblocker mostly, so I know everything I need to know to not stress about it, and make it work just as uBlock until Brave supports most uBlock features.

Thanks for links, i’ll can check if i have some duplicate and remove them.

I was before on Opera GX and their AdBlocker needed more lists but I used AdGuard and managed my list here.

My idea is to don’t use AdGuard anymore (i’m searching all alternative or thing to have all my softwares when i’ll switch to linux again).

So actually I simply copy/paste all my lists from AdGuard to Brave, so I’m sur I have duplicate, isn’t really a problem because I have a gamer computer but if I can optimise this it’s better.

here all my lists:'Custom%20cursors'%20List.txt'Google%20Hangouts'%20List.txt's%20Anti-Malware%20List.txt't%20Want%20to%20Download%20Your%20Browser.txt

Thanks for links i can check my duplicate list. isn’t a problem because i have a gamer computer but if i can optimise it’s better :slight_smile:

I was on Opera GX and their AdBlocker needed add lists to be useful but I managed them in AdGuard desktop app + plugin in browser.

My idea is to don’t use AdGuard anymore (i’m searching all alternative or way to make my software works on linux to switch and AdGuard doesn’t support linux).

Here my lists (AdGuard lists include):'Custom%20cursors'%20List.txt'Google%20Hangouts'%20List.txt's%20Anti-Malware%20List.txt (à vérifier)'t%20Want%20to%20Download%20Your%20Browser.txt

So I suppose I’ll can delete all AdGaurd lists and 6 lasts to start.

sorry for late replay, askimet blocked my answer :slight_smile:

before, i used Opera GX browser and his ad blocker need add filters list to be useful but i managed my list in adguard desktop app.

my idea is to find all alternatives or usable way to use my softwares before switch to linux at home and adguard isn’t available on linux (i don’t want use adguard home).

actualy my lists are: (sorry i can’t upload the screenshot directly here) so i usppose i can delete ALL adguard lists and ALL 6 lasts?

Well, OperaGX adblocker is terrible, it has the basic Network filtering and you can’t really add cosmetics in the rules, same with Vivaldi, the most advanced features is the half-done $rewrite support, but you can’t really do much with it.

Brave currently supports most uBlock features, still missing some but most can be workarounded with other features, it’s just compatibility with uBlock lists the reason why some rules don’t work 100% fine.

And yeah, I use tons of software not available for Linux, and I think the Windows experience is better overall, if we talk about Brave, seems like most bugs happen in Linux, but also, there seems to be this thinking of Linux users of Brave team magically fixing bugs, I have reported so many bugs because I use Nightly, but then I see some people complaining because a stable release contains a bug, and then I am like “why weren’t you using Nightly and reported it?” So, probably that’s the reason for the bugs, no testers.
Nightly to me it is pretty stable, Brave Nightly uses Beta Chromium release, not Canary, so the experience is mostly okay.

Anyway! the point is don’t get surprised if you find more bugs in Linux than Windows or MacOS (Most Brave devs seem to use Apple). I think it is a mistake to not use Windows, especially when you can get Windows for free and you can get WSL installed on it. When I say free, I am talking about legally free, using Microsoft known methods to activate Windows in new or old hardware and all that. But People like different things.


Talking about your lists, you can pretty much get rid of most of them.

I don’t think Adguard lists are necessary when you use uBlock lists, but even uBlock added Adguard as an option for it, also, uBlock has compatibility/alias to support Adguard features that don’t have the same syntax, so they might work in uBlock but not in Brave which barely has any aliases, the only Alias I think they got is for the :has() and only :-abp-has() is supported because Easylist tends to use from time to time.

Some lists can be avoided to, like the Adblock detection ones, either, Brave will already support that through uBlock, if not, for the lack of feature or something, you can just make a post reporting it here with the adblocking category, with your site and all that, and it will be fixed by FanboyNZ.
FanboyNZ is Ryanbr from Easylist and Fanboy lists, he works for Brave and will either modify Easylist/Fanboy lists or fix it with Brave own lists or talk to uBlock people, since I guess he has influence if it is a uBlock issue.

Saying all that, in my opinion I would remove most of those lists:

nocoin, because uBlock uses the resource-abuse for it.

Adguard lists, because like I said, uBlock are great lists with tons of people behind them, and many of the rules might not even be compatible with Brave.

Anti-adblock ones because uBlock lists should take care of those as well, and if not, let FanboyNZ do the job.

Easylist and Fanboy because they are included in Brave, either by default or as Regional and even in the settings like Cookie one.

pgl yoyo Serverlist is also included in Brave.

The only ones that might be useful are the DandelionSprout ones.

But some like Hangouts one are so insignificant that it would be more work to update them than copy and paste them to the Custom Filter box, they don’t get updated often to worry about it though. So it is preference, if you want these rules, at least they aren’t something Brave already has out of the box.

But I can see some rules don’t work, I opened the Anti Google hangouts one and: > div > div > div:has(> c-wiz[jsshadow] > div):has-text(/^Hangouts/)

doesn’t work in Brave, since :has-text is a Procedural Cosmetic.
and since the :has-text() is inside the :has(), then uBlock would use the rule with the Procedural Cosmetic :has(), and not the Chromium native one, which is the one Brave currently supports.

So be aware some rules will not work.

That’s why I usually create my rules so if I need a rule I create it and I never have problems with compatibility issues.
I usually make my own anti-adblock rules because it is usually the easier ones to deal with, either it is a cosmetic rule that needs to be removed or a script being blocked that needs a $redirect or $redirect-rule.

For the cosmetic one… you can’t do much about them, unless you remove default lists and use them as custom lists, which would work great now that the lists respect expires:
Brave can’t create exceptions for scriptlets or cosmetics.
But you can use :style(display: block !important) to work around the cosmetics one, but it would only affect custom lists, not hard to remove default lists, just remove the folder that contains the txt with the list and deny write permissions to the folder and done.
Brave adblocker is so easily to ‘hack’ unlike an extension like uBlock or something, so I add features Brave still don’t support like disabling some lists or custom scriptlets and all that.

But as I can see, I only would use Dandelion ones and don’t use the others, unless you really know about some rule that doesn’t work and it is in Adguard or something, but then, you can just report it and it will probably get fixed by Easylist/Fanboy or uBlock.

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thanks you very much to helped me to optimise my lists.

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