How to open brave in full screen?

Everytime I try to open Brave it does not open in full screen, so I have to do it manually. Tried searching in the settings but couldn’t find a solution. How to do it?
Using Brave 0.66.101


Hi @depro,

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To clarify, upon opening Brave you want the initial window to open in full screen automatically?


yes. I have always to click to expand it.

Hi @depro,

Currently this is something that you have to do manually. I will pass the request on to the team!

You can do it by creating a tiny script that you put on your Dock. The command line switch to use is

  • Open Script Editor (i.e. from Finder, hit cmd-space, type Script, click on icon for Script Editor)
  • Click New Document
  • Paste this into it:
    do shell script "open -a '/Applications/Brave' --args --start-fullscreen"
  • Be sure there aren’t any format codes from this site embedded. Your script should look like this:
  • Save it as an application someplace you’ll remember with name of your choice (I used BraveFS, but didn’t save it as an application, so then I used BraveFSApp like this:
  • Quit Script Editor
  • Find the script/app
  • Drag it to Dock
  • Launch and watch the magic.

If the Script Editor’s not doing it for you, I’ve uploaded the thing:

This will show as a folder on Drive, but when you download the folder by right-clicking and selecting Download, Drive will make a Zip archive, which you should save, then open locally, which will pop up the .app all ready to go.


Thanks! Working as expected!