How to open a set of pages?

Hello, how to open a “Set of pages” with a touch, which I previously chose, I don’t want them to open when I open a new tabs on brave, I want to open them when I decide to open them, does this function exist? Thanks.

Hello @rasuntzu, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you please provide us with the following information so we can further investigate the issue:

1 - What kind of device and OS do you have?

2 - Have you updated to the latest Brave version? If this is a desktop computer found at brave://version to download the most recent one

3 - A screenshot of the settings you have (if possible).


Hello Jarc-1107,

It is not a technical or error problem, it is just knowing if Brave has that function, to open a set of taps windows, previously chosen by me, that is, when I open a Brave Tab, it automatically opens a set of taps at the same time.

Thank you.

@rasuntzu That said, it helps us to know what OS you’re using. Obviously the thinking and answers for someone using iOS is going to be different than Windows. Also Android even more different. Just asking a generic question without helping to narrow things down makes it hard for support or anyone to help you.

The other idea is also getting better clarification. For example, are you wanting to open a set of tabs all at once? You can create bookmarks with sites and then choose to Open All At Once. Placing it in your Bookmarks bar makes it easier/faster to navigate.

  • On desktop, you would right click on the bookmarks and then choose how you want to open them all.
  • On iPhone, you navigate to bookmarks, hold down on it, and then you get option to Open All.
  • On Android, I don’t see an option to open all like the other two.

If you’re asking about creating something for your Desktop where you can open multiple windows, then that’s a whole other set of options. For example, you can open Notepad and create something like below:

@echo off

start brave

start brave httpe://

start brave

Then you’d Save As and name it whatever you want, like shortcut.bat but it needs to end with .bat in the name. Then you save that to your desktop. When you click on it, all the sites we had there will open. So if we clicked on what I just showed, we’d have 3 windows open. One with Apple, one with Brave, and the other with Google.

Then you have yet another option on Desktop(Windows, at least), depending on what you mean. You see , if you go to SettingsGet Started and you’ll see option for On Startup.

While here, you can choose multiple pages that will always open when you open Brave. By default, many of us just have it set to Continue where you left off or something, but it’s up to you based on you want.

So as you can see, there’s a lot of possible answers for you. Also, some of that isn’t possible on one OS compared to the other. Hence why it’s VERY IMPORTANT you be much more specific on what you’re asking and on what device you’re using when you ask for help.


Excellent answer, it is what I wanted, my system is Windows 10, your answer has helped me a lot, thank you very much.

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