"Open a Page or Set Of Pages" Not Working

I am running a desktop with Windowed 10. Brave and Windows 10 are both up-to-date. I loved Brave when I first switched over from Chrome noticed a definite difference in speed. However, a problem has developed. I have a specific set of 4 pages/tabs that should open when I open my Browser. They used to work fine. Now when I open my browser, the pages begin to open and then suddenly close the URL that was being opened and instead all 4 go to my Google Search page. I then have to manually enter all of the information to open the 4 pages. The problem began about 2 weeks ago I do not believe I have made any changes to the Settings.

Can you share a screenshot of the settings? And what is your Brave version?

Version 0.67.123 Chromium: 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Regarding the Settings:

Get started

Import bookmarks and settings

Brave is your default browser

On startup

Open the New Tab page

Continue where you left off

Open a specific page or set of pages

(Four email accounts are then specified



Uses WebTorrent to display torrents directly in the browser. Supports torrent files and magnet links.


Uses Hangouts component to enable screen sharing and other features in the browser.

IPFS Companion

Uses IPFS companion extension to support IPFS in the browser.

Manage extensions


Access Sync via


Access Sync via brave://sync



Your current per-site settings will be retained.

Ad control

Cookie control

Fingerprinting protection

HTTPS Everywhere

Script blocking

Social media blocking

Allow Google login buttons on third party sites

Allow Facebook logins and embedded posts

Allow Twitter embedded tweets

Allow LinkedIn embedded posts

Search engine

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