Bookmarks on homepage or one button access

Feature Request, Brave on Android. I do about 90% of my daily browsing from Bookmarks, so any improvement in bookmark management or launching is welcome. Ideally, I would be able to open Brave with my bookmarks exposed or with at least some of them (selected by me) on the homepage (preferably in private mode.) In other words, my bookmarks might act as my homepage. Short of that, a button on the toolbar to summon Bookmarks would be welcome. This seems trivial, but when you launch bookmarks several dozen times in a session, each additional touch or delay adds up to a lot of extra touches and each of those is followed by a time delay, which also adds up. Just having one button access cuts this approximately in half. Having bookmarks be the homepage or certain bookmarks on the home page eliminates both of the touches & waits required just to access my bookmarks each time. (I usually navigate to Home or replace the current tab before launching a new bookmark, so getting home is not an issue. I guess it’s worth saying that I would want to use Bookmarks or Home as the new tab page as well in this approach.


Thank you, I need this function to use Brave effectively. There is a separate folder for mobile bookmarks. I tried to keep this open as a tab but didn’t work. Otherwise, need a page of 10-12 most visited sites, icons the best. Maybe increase Top Sites and make editable? Firefox got this right in last release.

They should add option in settings>appearance which would replace search button with button for bookmarks.
They should also add tabs on the top of the bookmarks menu to switch between bookmarks, history and downloads.

You can set chrome://bookmarks as homepage so you can access them by pressing home button.
It works on tablets.