How to move Brave from "Start" to the "task bar"?

Description of the issue:
When I download “Brave” where does it get saved on my computer? I’ve read it gets saved on the Start Menu which I have searched but can’t find it there. Basically, I want to move it from “Start” (where I CAN’T find it) to the Task Bar.
Thank you.

Right now i’m not on windows but i have a partition with it, look on program files(x86) or program files, search for the folder BraveSoftware and look for brave.exe

try you search in teh control if you look aplikasi brave . Try to see if there is still a Brave application. if there is still try to enter the local disk c. search for program files (86)> brave software> brave browser> application> there will be sent to desktop

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I’ve searched in the lower left SearchBox and the ONLY thing it finds is the SETUP files for Brave. I’m just looking for the actual Brave browser file and nothing else. Also when I use File Explorer I can’t find anything!!! This is unbelievably frustrating considering I’ve been on the Internet for over 20 years and even built my own website

I can find the Brave.exe file but it doesn’t run on its own when I click it.

I’m very confused.
If you launch Brave, and right-click on the icon in the task bar, you should have an option to Pin Brave to taskbar – do you not?

Have you tried to run it with admin permisses and or unistall and reinstall?

It’s sound weired that it do not launch when you click on it.

If you manage to open it you can use the method from Mattches to pin it to the taskbar

Re-run the installer – the browser should launch automatically after installation.

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Hello Again Mattches,
Here is why I got confused. I thought it was pretty weird to see “Pin To Taskbar”, when I clicked on the “Brave” icon because why was I seeing that option when it was ALREADY appearing on the “Task Bar”??? So, it was “appearing” on the task bar but not “pinned” to the task bar??? Geez, they should also EXPLAIN things a little bit more clearly.
By the way, I’m re-setting up all these task bars, programs, etc. (Yes, I’ve had to REinstall programs.) Why? A few days ago I downloaded a Win 10 update, after which my computer just went to the startup page and that was it!!! (After hitting F12 MANY times), I did a system restore, since the computer was doing nothing anyway!!! So, the last few days have been VERY aggravating to me!!!


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