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I made brave browser as my default browser, and I pin brave browser to the taskbar. when I want to open brave browser, it opens a new window on the far right on the taskbar. I am basically a google chrome user, in google chrome when opening chrome for the first time, it doesn’t open a new window on the far right of the taskbar.

Can brave browser when you first open it, brave browser does not open a new window anymore on the right side of the taskbar?

Brave Version( v1.59.120):

maybe unpin and re-pin? I remember seeing this, you can just pin from Desktop shortcut or brave://settings/getStarted if it still works.

yes i pin from desktop shortcut, but the result is like that… thats not eficient for people that have many profil

Well, I haven’t gotten this in a while.
but I noticed Nightly wasn’t getting pinned after install on silent installer.
This is something about Windows taskbar manager and its shortcuts and the way it deals with it, not Brave itself, technically speaking.

You can see it here:
%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar\

Check the icon and see what is going on.

The thing is you also mention Profiles now… so the problem is when you have multiple profiles? because profile shortcuts add the CMD switch --profile-directory= to make them work, with “Default” or “Profile1”, “Profile2” and so on.
When you create a profile the normal shortcut should be replaced for the one with default profile, but who knows what is going on on your side, maybe Brave is failing at that.

The thing is in my case, I don’t use profiles anymore and here it works fine, but I don’t really use the taskbar to open Brave either, so I can unpin it and don’t care, I still pin it to have something in my taskbar, but I use powertoys Run or terminal and sometimes desktop icon when I need to open Brave. So pinning to taskbar is not something I really care.
Also I add environment viariables to make things easier, like adding brave to PATH and then have like a variable for a switch, so instead of typing --profile-directory="Default" you can just do a Brave Nightly -- %1% for Powertoys Run or brave.exe %1% for cmd/terminal.

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