How are publisher awards calculated?

Hello everyone. Who can tell me how the donation is going?
I have 10 sites that I browse most often and they are connected to the publisher brave
Donations will be given only to where I am most of the time or in proportion to everyone?

Did you mean donation via auto-contribute?

based on the frequency in which you are engaged with the site (your “Attention”).



Attention roughly corresponds to the proportion of time spent on a site per month.


Donations to these sites will be equal shares?
For example, 1BAT per site?

No @Bananas12 , it’ll be based on the attention % for specific site.

From the second link shared above

For example, if you spend 5% of your time on in a given month, then the browser will assign roughly 5% of your attention to in your Auto-Contribute table. When it is time to make your monthly Auto-Contribute contribution, Brave Rewards will divide your monthly budget according to these percentages.

If your monthly budget is set to 100 BAT and received 5% of your attention, then will receive a 5 BAT contribution for that month.

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