Where are the "import" options in settings for mobile (Android)?

Has the lack of import functionality for passwords and bookmarks been addressed for mobile (Android)?

I installed yesterday, but was unable to locate any options for importing settings, etc from Chrome on my Samsung Galaxy S8.

Prior post on this topic from 2021 is closed with no replies.

@b_sala_at_yahoo yes, it has been addressed. In fact, been addressed many times over the years. Answer for the most part is it didn’t exist because Chromium didn’t have it built in upstream and it’s a big lift to do. So the only way to move it over was to do so from desktop and then sync your browser.

That said, it’s supposedly on its way.

Thanks for the reply and the link to the past thread. I guess I will wait for the update.

Believe it or not, this feature is actually coming in the next browser update (it’s in Beta right now) :slight_smile:

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