How to Enable Touch to search in Brave android

I cant find where i can enable Tap to search in Brave android…in settings i cant find it.Please Help…Anyone??

Just type chrome://flags or brave://flags in the search bar, then after entering in Experiments search for contextual search literal search with tap and contextual search long-press resolves and enable them.

nothing happened…i restarted the browser too

I’m not sure I understand – are you looking for “tap to search” as in highlight text, then tap [search] to search using your default engine? If so, it appears to be working just fine. In your recording, you can see the Web search option appear in the context menu:

Chrome for example…That search card from the bottom,i am talking about.

I’m on v1.29.81 and although I couldn’t find the “Tap to search” option anywhere on my settings, tapping/holding a word does show the bottom card. Guess its enabled by default

The Brave Browser is Broken here and there…It needs basic features and Polish in my opinion.

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