Enabling Touch to Search

I have accidentally disabled the touch to search (basically, I clicked “No thanks” for enabling touch to search using the touch to search) and I want it back because it is a useful feature. I searched for this issue previously but none of the answers solved my problem. The enable contextual search was absent from the chrome://flags/ (fwiw, I have enabled Contextual search definitions, debug, and second tapping) and I cannot find Touch to Search anywhere in the Brave settings.

I’m using Brave version 1.10.95 and Android 7.0 LG H-831.

Thank you in advance!

Edit: I do apologize for not using the template, I am on mobile but I do hope I’ve explained the issue clearly.

Not sure if bumping it is fine but I still haven’t found the solution yet. Also, I’ve checked Chrome and there is an option to toggle Touch to Search so I’m not sure why Brave doesn’t have it unless I’m missing something.

Edit: Okay so I uninstalled Brave and reinstalled it and that seemed to solve my problem. I also clicked on Allowed so I wouldn’t mess up again.

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