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Hello Community
I miss the function ‘tap to search’.
Is there a trick to reactivate it, or was it removed intentionally?

The option ‘tap to search’ list in the latest version is missing

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.4.2, Chromium 77.0.3865.116

Mobile Device details
Android 7.1.2
Android 9

Additional Information:

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@phlex23 it seems I’m still able to “tap to search”(?)

Hello eljuno,

thanks for your reply.
Yes, the function works as usual.
But there is a second search function that only works if you use google as a search engine.


Clicking on a word or phrase opens a panel at the bottom of the page.
In the previous version of brave it still worked.

I find this feature very useful and would hate to live without it. At least it would be great to know why this search option has been removed

Ah got it, @phlex23. Thanks for the confirmation. It seems the option is removed from Brave – likely because it’s sent data to Google(?).

A quick feedback. After a new installation the function is back. but without an entry in the settings. maybe it is a bug after all.

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