How to disable auto update , since brave is capping NTP ads in Nightly to 1 ad/day

as mentioned above… @Chocoholic @Aman_M

Short answer: Can’t disable auto-update in Brave. Can at the system level but not recommended as it can cause system problems.

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i know you can stop auto update on windows . but how ?
but 1ad/day is too little

I would have to search for that information as I can’t spout it out off the top of my head. Will try to provide links later or you can DYOR.

@pz1 where are you officially seeing anything about limit of one ad per day? I believe you’re confusing something but really asking just in case I’ve missed any announcements.

@pz1 It’s not recommended to stop updates manually (security issues among others). And see this-

Makes more sense, right. And please don’t just use Brave for rewards. Rewards will never be enough. Brave has already done much and continues to do so, time to cherish it for it’s privacy too.



Yeah, so a misunderstanding by people. Regular ads will continue to appear as normal. As for Sponsored Images (New Tab Pages), it’s all going to depend on the advertiser. Advertisers have always been able to limit the amount of times their ads could be viewed. The only thing is he’s saying they can limit to 1 per day if they wish. It makes sense, especially if they are getting closer to being prepared for Self Serve ads.

So I hope @pz1 and anyone else seeing this can be aware of it, as the title of this Topic is misleading.

Then we will see that in which isn’t so currently and I observe Nightly giving 1 NTP Ad per day still.

And I think you have the ability to edit title of the OP.

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Yeah, because I believe (but not certain) the Ad Catalog is tailored to Release version of Brave. They have modified Nightly to produce less at this time. Yet it should reflect there in the future, such as you see in the below screenshot. (Yes, one I showed is a push notification, not a sponsored image).

If nothing else, I’ll ask @jsecretan and others on this next Community Call on Tuesday to see if they can advise on that.

Yeah, I can. I try not to mess with things much. If it’s not something violating rules here on Brave Community and not causing harm, I leave it alone and let Mattches, Steeven, or whoever else handle it if anything needs addressed. So I’ll unlikely change the title myself.

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I’ll do it. :wink: I think the title is misleading enough it has the potential to cause an uproar. lol

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Currently, same catalog is downloaded both in Release and Nightly-

@Aman_M ugh, how can you tell!? lol You’re correct: under Windows, many programs are ‘pre-fetched’ when Windows starts. One aspect of a program being ‘pre-fetched’ may be that program auto-updating itself. A downside of auto-updating for some users with limited internet access: ‘limited’ may include caps on speed, data, or both. That’s a situation I occasionally find myself in, hence, wanting to control how my computer uses available internet service.

Adding: while many programs auto-update, some well-regarded programs give users control over updating. Two examples: Firefox is one, and Vivaldi is another. Vivaldi — it should be noted — is (like Brave) built on Chromium. Auto-updating isn’t baked into Chromium.

You’re also correct: under Windows, editing / disabling Autoruns is — emphatically and perilously — do-it-yourself.

Microsoft offers a utility to inspect and — potentially — edit Autoruns:

Specific to Brave, with the relevant Autoruns disabled, I’ve found Brave continues to operate properly. When I want to update Brave, with Brave closed, I toggle the appropriate Services (using another Microsoft / Windows utility) from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Manual’. I then start Brave, go to the hamburger menu, and select ‘About Brave’. Following a successful update, I edit the relevant Autoruns … and re-boot. Re-booting is imperative: the status of Autoruns is established when Windows starts.

Users are on their own. Editing Autoruns is a very helpful and powerful tool, but used improperly — guaranteed — you’ll brick your computer.


@redbike9 Thank-you sooooo much for providing that information. Very informative and greatly appreciated. That should help the OP if they make the decision to go that route. :smiley:

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Sorry, maybe my phrasing. Not sure if it’s possible but what I was suggesting is that they made a modification in Nightly to limit ads that can be seen, like within the browser itself. It would be a line of code or w/e specifically targeting NTP. It would access the same ad catalog, but not let it hit the official limit. Then when it goes to Release, that limit would be removed.

A lot of that though is just theory and I have no basis for it. So yeah, we’ll see what they tell us. At least this has brought up a good question to ask and for us to see what they do. Regardless though, at least was able to clarify it’s not limiting ads to 1 per day, but is restricting how often ads appear on New Tab Page. That’s a big enough difference to matter for sure.

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The hard way- it’s in code on GitHub and the easier way which I tried to tell you about before, is- verbose logging.

And I think, redbike9’s not mentioning appropriate service isn’t mistake! Nice.

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oh, yes, forgot that one (intentionally? :wink:) but it is vaguely coming back… no, I don’t need a link but don’t be surprised if I ask again later on down the road. :laughing:

Me too and I also think it was definitely appropriate given the scenario. Plenty of information there if you are motivated and truly want to go that route. And the link he provided is enough to get started down the rabbit hole. lol

If you disable auto update of the browser ads will eventually stop as we only show ads on the most recent versions and and an upgrade will be required. Catalogs are the same for release, beta and nightly. However, the Sponsored Image change is not in release, until 1.41.x is released. Sponsored images limits should change before this feature hits release. Enjoy! Thanks


Which happened today, it seems. Version 1.41.96

Guess we’ll be learning how that SI/NTP cap works…if it’s the same or different.

I would suggest you to follow @redbike9 answear. I haven’t tested it but looks good.

However, I have tried several ways of disabling autoupdate, and the most efficient and simple one I found for Windows is to disable inheritance/permissions of the file C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Update\BraveUpdate.exe

But remember that if you need to update or install another version you’ll have to re-enable it beforehand. And please be aware you’re doing it at your own risk. I just don’t think is nice to a program dictate what your machine should do or not.