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Good morning, all –

New Brave user here, and it’s looking really nice so far. One issue just happened, though, and I’ve looked around and can’t see an easy answer for it, so I’m hoping someone here can help.

I have the Ads set to 2 per hour, but while Brave was going in the background, when I was using another program, an ad popped up in the corner over that other program.

Can we set the ads to appear only when actively using Brave? Or at least not on top of whatever else I’m doing in any other program at the time?

I’m a writer, and as such, I’m using word processors a lot, and focus is pretty integral to getting the work done, so to have an ad from a background program popping up on top of what I’m working on is super distracting.

When I’ve just got Brave going in the background and I’m doing other stuff in the mean time (playing games, writing, etc.), I absolutely do not want ads popping up on top of that. If that means closing down the Ads all together and skipping the rewards completely, I’m fine with that, but I’m hoping to participate in that system while not having ads intrude on the time when I’m not using the browser.

(Honestly, it’s weird for an ad to pop up any time I’m not actively using Brave anyway: The point of it is to remove unwanted ads but be rewarded for the ads allowed, but that should only ever happen when I’m using the browser. It’s not like all the ads normally plaguing certain sites would ever pop up on top of other foreground programs, so why would this system behave differently?)

Is there an option for this? A toggle I can turn off, or something?

Thanks for any help or insight you can offer.

You don’t say what operating system you are using, but if you are on Windows you could play around with the settings in focus assist and stop notifications when using certain apps or playing games.

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Thanks for the reply. Sorry, yes, it’s Windows 8.1.

Your suggesting using a Windows-based option suggests that Brave doesn’t have an option to circumvent the issue. Am I understanding that correctly? Just verifying, because if that’s the case, turning off Ads wholesale is a quicker solution I’m fine with, vs. trying to find a Windows workaround to manage the issue.

No, you can’t. I suggest you turn ads off when you don’t want to get them.

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Thanks very much! I hope that becomes an option in the future.

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