How to claim rewards after failing "prove you are human" (solved)

okay thank you for help but did you also failed human verification sometime and were still shown rewards are on way keep an eye out?

I failed the verification the first time but got it the second time right, and it said they are on the way and then it said your rewards have arrived, but the balance did not change. I have heard there is a bug with many people getting 0.25 BAT for the month but I am not sure if it is which. Hopefully someone would confirm to us.

same happened to me. I think after we connect gemini wallet, we shouldnt claim manually or what, cause I read some where in forums something like that. this needs to be cleared. I claimed rewards too, but afte I tried that triangle replacement (prove you are a human) thing, it just stuck.

yeah same
what to do now

Probably wait for mods to solve the issue

The team is working on a fix for this as it is part of the hiccups that occurred over the weekend:

New claim buttons should appear for everyone sometime this week.


Okay thankyou for your help

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i dont think so because i have gemini verified wallet and i need to claim rewards and when i claimed it failed after that i didnt get claim rewards again and rewards were not transferred

Is here anybody, who had the second chance to claim reward after failing captcha?

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I just had the second chance, but captcha failed again just like last time.
“ops, something went wrong”


it came up in my screen too. I just didnt try that captcha thing, as I read above, its failed again.
well we have a confirmed gemini wallet, wouldnt the rewards supposed to come to wallet automatically? (I read something like this somewhere I am sure) by the way , that captcha thing seems a bit tricky, isnt it. trianle to exact triangle but I just couldnt be sure after my first fail (as we all failed) seems like we choose right (the exact triangle shape) but something wrong with the captcha

i did claim and got rewards but suddenly i think they got lost and i didnt recieve them in my gemini wallet

same thing happened to me second time this month!

update i got my brave rewrds credited just now in my gemini but i didnt got any bonus

Exact same thing happened to me because I am a smooth brain and thought that you had to match it to the shape around the BAT logo.

what did you do? you filled that captcha thing and it works?

yeah i solved the captcha

Same happened to me… Even if I solve it correctly, the rewards are not received.

you should probably message mods

Exact same thing happened to me earlier. I am pretty sure I did it correctly but for some reason it did not seem to work. Would really appreciate some help.

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