How to block links from opening in Android apps?

How can I prevent Brave from opening links in Android applications in order to maintain protection against trackers that are internal to the application (example: Amazon Prime = 146 trackers)?

I did not find.

Hey @sylvainM

This is not a Brave specific feature, it’s integrated in the android system.

Here is how you can achieve this on OxygenOS 13 (Android 13/ OnePlus). Note that this can differ on your device and version you are using.

  1. Open settings
  2. Go to Apps > Default Apps > Open Links
  3. Select the app (In your case Amazon Prime) from the list
  4. Disable Open Supported Links

Now Brave and any other Browser/ other apps shouldn’t be able to open the links in the app

Have a great day!

Thank you for your quick reply.

I didn’t find it with the path you gave me.
On the other hand, you put me on the trail since I found in the
Shields > Other privacy settings
I unchecked:
Allow links to open in apps outside of Brave.
Which I hadn’t seen.

It seems to work… and I can see the number of blocked trackers scrolling through the shields.

It’s reassuring and worrying to see what apps do behind our backs.

That’s because you probably have another device with another Android version, the OS of a Samsung device doesn’t look like the one from a OnePlus Phone; Also the settings app looks different. But if you search for default apps, you should find them.

If you’re interested in which trackers your apps have and where your data goes, check out the TC Slim app (Google Play, F-Droid).

Indeed it’s impressive with TC Slim app and I’m only at the beginning.
I will make sure to maximize the use of the web with Brave to protect my data.

Thanks for the tip.

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