How to backup my estimated pending rewards?

I am reseting my pc due to some issues. So how to backup all my old data as brave doesn’t support backup like chrome so any other way to achieve that like copying some config files etc things?

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Hi @Arkearn,
There are a few threads on Community already discussing this, here are some of them:

Keep in mind, this method is not perfect, the better way would be to use Sync to copy your info over to another computer. (but yeah not everyone has access to another cpu)

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I tried that but all my saved password is lost

Any reply @Aa-ron? I didn’t got my password back i still have my login data file btw.

Hi @Arkearn,
Apologises for the late reply. Sorry you lost your password but:

Keep in mind, this method is not perfect

But! Since you have the login data file, what you can do is try coping the contents over from the old file into the new one.

Can you help me how will i do it?

You can go to the old login data file, open it and copy the contents. Then go to new login data file, open it, select all, delete and then paste in the old login data contents.
You cold also try deleting the new login data file, and the copying over the old login file into the default folder as a whole rather than just the file contents.

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I tried replacing it but instead my password is gone. How to open it? Using notepad?

Yeah, using notepad it fine.
Be sure to quit and restart Brave. If replacing does not work, try coping the file contents.

none worked i tried both replacing files as well as content.

Do you have the original installation or have you already reset your PC?
Can you confirm that you quit and restarted Brave after copying and pasting the file contents into the new login data file.

I restarted my pc after replacing my files. I reset my pc btw. All other things including pending rewards and cookies was there. Any way to open or copy paste login data?

Since the login data file wont open in Brave, you could try downloading the Beta

This would only be to try and get the passwords/logins from the login data file.
So the instructions would be:
  1. Download the Beta
  2. Open the old login data file with notepad
  3. select all and copy
  4. location the new login data file for Brave Beta (make sure Beta is closed)
  5. open with notepad, delete everything
  6. paste the contents from the old file into the new
  7. launch the Brave Beta
  8. go to passwords, and export them
  9. once you export them you can import them into Brave release
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Still empty any way to open the file with sq lite with readable format?

Can i dm you my old login data and you can check if it works or not? Is it safe?

The file is only readable with Brave.
I would not recommend DM’ing that file to anyone.
Unfortunately, if copying over the login data contents into the new installation is not working, there’s nothing else I can recommend. Apologises for the inconvenience.

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