How the new brave wallet is different than any other wallets?

Brave recently launched their native brave wallet. On the website, it says that it is more secure than other hot wallets like metamask because it has a lower chance of phishing attacks. Can anyone explain to me why it has a lower chance? Because I have seen some crypto phishing attacks and all the time website tries to connect the wallet and asks the user to enter the private key. So if someone is using a brave wallet then how it will be different because the website can still ask the user to enter the brave private key and it is the same as any other wallet.

The point of phishing that the website means is in the form of fake MetaMask installs. We’ve have to troubleshoot issues in the past where users are tricked into downloading a fake version of MetaMask.

If you already use MetaMask you can definitely continue to do that.

Oh ok I get it thank you

why would anyone with sound mind give his private keys in the first place?
not even the best secure software can save you from your own stupidity (not addressed to you, I’m talking in general)

also the private keys on brave wallet are encrypted, on metamask they didn’t, they are stored in plain text :man_facepalming: