Brave wallet fpr brave rewards

Hello Brave team,

I have been using brave browser since more than 6-7 months and its become my default browser in all devices.

Brave is the best browser hands down. Its based on chromium, so no point in discussing speed. That’s well know. What makes brave so special are 2 things:

  1. It blocks ads, trackers, popups by default without any 3rd party pluggins
  2. It rewards for watching non intrusive ads

What I dont’t understand is why doesn’t brave use its own wallet (brave wallet) for rewards transfer and relies on custodial wallets ? As you can see brave is listing out the advantages of brave wallet over other wallets:

So why not popularise your own wallet ? Surely custodial wallets won’t partner for free. So why not become self sufficient ?


That is because most of the governments around the world require the receiver and Sender to do KYC / AML for such a rewards program. That’s something Brave doesn’t want to do (atleast at this moment). Also, I think Brave not doing KYC / AML would be safer as well. Since if there’s a security breach or anything, you’ll basically have your Web history, address, payment method, crypto wallet and other important stuff all in one place for hackers. That be a paradise for hackers.

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