How stop notification after closing tab?

I’ve been using the brave browser on my PC running Windows 11 for several months with no problems. All of a sudden I’m getting a pop-up notification that stays on my screen every time I close a tab. When I close a tab, the tab that remains open at the bottom I get a little pop-up message asking if I want to “undo” the close tab. I’ve looked through the settings and don’t see anywhere to turn this off. I don’t need it, I don’t want it, why is it showing up now and how do I turn it off?

Can you share a screenshot of the prompt as it appears on your end?


I’m using a Samsung tablet running Android

It stays on my screen for several minutes no matter if I go to a different app and come back, reload the page, nothing. You have created a pop-up which blocks my screen and which I cannot remove. In a week I will ditch brave and go back to Chrome if this is not resolved. Basic blocking and tackling.

@MRoberts I’'m also using Windows 11. When I close tabs, I don’t get anything like you’re sharing. That is not anything that generally appears in the desktop version. I’d believe you if you mentioned your screenshot and issue is occurring on your Samsung tablet that’s running Android, but that’s not your claim.

Assuming it really is showing up for you on your Windows 11, would you be able to advise if you’re using any extensions?

Also, which version of Brave are you using? (provide actual number, don’t just say “the latest”)

Actually, @MRoberts, guess I do need to ask one other thing. Are you using a touchscreen or 2-in-1 device with your Windows 11? The reason I’m asking is I believe those default to having Windows in tablet mode.

How things work for Desktop mode might be different than what occurs within Windows 11 if you’re running in Tablet mode.

Sorry for the confusion. It is not happening in Windows 11 on the desktop. It is only happening on the brave browser for Android running on a Samsung tablet.

This version: Brave 1.58.131, Chromium 117.0.5938.92

This is still an issue. Every time I close a tab on the Brave browser using an Android tablet, I get a pointless unnecessary notice blocking part of my screen that doesn’t go away for a full minute.

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I’ve got the same issue on my phone.
Brave 1.58.137, Chromium 117.0.5938.153

It’s very annoying as it blocks a log-out option on a site I go to a lot.

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To resolve this, navigate to brave://settings/ in your browser, and review the tabs or user interface section to find any new settings that may be related to tab closing notifications. If there’s no relevant setting, you might need to check if there’s an update available for Brave; updating the browser can often resolve unexpected glitches or pop-ups. If the problem persists even after updating, consider reporting this issue through the browser’s “Help & feedback” section so that the development team can address it in future releases.

[email protected]

Obviously I’ve done all that already. So now in addition to coming here and wasting time not getting help, now you’re telling me that nothing will be done unless I go to help and feedback and report it. So the people who actually manage the product don’t read about problems raised in the community forum? What??

Why did you bother responding if you have NOTHING useful to say?

Wow, good thing I don’t work or do anything at all so that I have lots of time to spend on fixing a problem with Brave’s browser.

Actually, I have another idea: quit Brave and go back to Chrome.

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