How many many days have to wait for ads problem solved?

Hello there! can anyone please tell me how many many days have to wait for ads problem solve? I can’t understanding that, why this problem has been not solved yet.
All the ads settings in my Brave browser are set up nicely and even a few days ago I used to see 40-50 Brave Ads notifications in Brave browser every day. But due to the recent update of Brave browser, no Brave Ads notification has come for 3-4 days. Will this problem be solved? The only source of income in Brave Browser is Brave Ads Notification but there is no point in using Brave Browser even if it process turned off like this. If this problem will be remained then I think many Brave user will left of using brave browser soon. So, please solve this problem soon. @eljuno, @steeven please solve ads problem from brave and beta also nightly. Thanks.

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that’s a lot

the ads will not keep raining for ever unless there more advertiser get to the system

cause each add has max per day (that the advertiser set and ofcourse it can set it to unlimited)
another max per ads but not sure if it per month or per live time of the ads in the system (which also assigned by the advertiser)

and ofcourse each ads has max number of view so it does not go for ever

and also the more user join the reward system affect the number of the ads

so unless there more advertiser get in the system then what you face is expected and fair

as brave said they will give the users 70% of the ads value

so that expected behavior

and have a nice day

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