How long payment from publisher to uphold

hi , when my bat received in uphold , I have KYC, how long does the publisher enter into the uphold, thanks

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Provided you haven’t violated the terms and conditions you should get your reward latest 10th of this month

@puthuta7 publishers payout is happens around 8th, every month, US time zone. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

i dont receive any email that my bat was credited to my uphold.
How do i know if my account is under review or suspended.

i can access my account too this morning but i dont receive my BAT. i have 87 BAT to my publisher Dashboard.

please help me guys answer my questions.

Will you be notified if there is any violation ?

okay thank you , i received my balance now thanks

Cara memasukan reward ke dompet gimana?

@ribaz1926 bisa memberikan informasi lebih lanjut? Rewards yang mana yang dimaksud?

Terima kasih.

Brave itu mas dapet 15BAT apa bisa di tarik?

@ribaz1926 ah, 15 BAT di dompet browser? Dompet di browser belum ada fitur untuk penarikan. Dompet 2 arah ada dalam rencana.

Nantinya, pengguna bisa menarik BAT yang didapat dari Brave Ads. Tapi BAT yang didapat dari BAT grants (yang ada kedaluwarsanya) tidak akan bisa ditarik. Karena tujuan dari grants-nya itu untuk membantu pengguna mencoba Brave Rewards.

Kalau WON itu cara dapet rewardnya gimana y gan?

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