November 2018 Payments late?

So i haven’t seen any money on my uphold account since september. No payment received on uphold. As a sidenote it would be nice to see breakdown of BAT from each channel and website i own to have an idea - where the money exactly comes from

Hi @Sugi,
Thanks for reaching out.

You can check the estimated pay out date that shown on your publishers dashboard ( Usually at 8th of every month.

You should be able to check this one from your statement.

you didnt answer my question. What about october payment? nowhere to be seen - it only states november 8th

hellooo??? whats going on

cc @Asad for additional help.

Hi Sugi,

Sorry you are having these issues. Please drop me a line at In this email please provide the email address you use to log into Brave Rewards.


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needed to bump this because i didn’t receive anything on this month either. The number was at 70 BAT and now it jumped to 55 BAT, this doesn’t seem to add up at all.

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