How long does it take for a creator's account to be verified?

I have a verified Uphold wallet and added my Twitter/Reddit on It appears the socials are verified in my Creator account, but I’m still showing up as an unverified Creator on Twitter/Reddit. Someone’s trying to tip me, please help! Thanks.

Please, contact Brave Support. So that they can have a look at your issue.
You can open a ticket using the link below

Hi @eef9149111344f123a76

Could you kindly send me a Dm of your ticket number once you have submitted to the link @rodrige has provided above. I can take a closer look at the matter.


@rodrige @SaltyBanana This forum is always quick and responsive, thanks a lot for your help.

I’ve filed a ticket. I haven’t received an email though and don’t know how to look up the ticket number (there wasn’t a splash page with a ref#). If you tell me how to find the ticket number, I’ll send it, thanks again.

Any time you submit a ticket, you get an email right away. The only thing is that, unless they adjusted it. only Rewards tickets were given ticket numbers. At least was that way when I tested it a while ago.

If you haven’t seen an email after creating the ticket, try to check your Spam/Junk folders and all. Sometimes can end up there.

Are you checking on an Android phone or on desktop? Worth noting that on Android, Twitter and Reddit are not yet supported platforms.

I just filed another log-in issue ticket. I got the green check mark saying my ticket had been filed, but no email confirmation. I’ve checked spam/junk mail; no email confirmation for either ticket.

I’m using Brave on desktop. The “Tip” button appears but when I click it, it says I’m not a verified Creator.

@eef9149111344f123a76 What country are you in and verified with? Is it a supported country that’s on the list at ?

If not, then that’s why it’s not showing. Also, make sure you know when I say verified with, you’re concerning yourself with photo ID you used to verify. This is especially important if your passport/ID used for verification might be from a country like Germany or India that is currently not supported.

If you are 100% in a supported country and had verified with photo ID and proof of residence on Uphold, then your next step would be to DM @SaltyBanana as they requested. Since you are saying you’ve not received any email for some reason, then you’ll just provide to them your email address. They can then try to look on their side of things.

I’ll DM SaltyBanana, thanks.

@SaltyBanana can you DM me please so I can send you my email to try to get this checked out?

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