How is Brave ads wallet and syncing to uphold working

i’m a verified Uphold member since May

brave browser shows me a different sum of BAT then my Upholdaccount.

Why are more than 300BAT not transferred to Uphold?
How is this system working? The withdraw funds-button only redirects me to uphold and nothing more?!? were can i find my walletaddress? is there a plan to manage my BAT in brave Browser how i want , or is this forever that i only can receive my BAT only once a month?


Please… need some help from brave stuff @Asad @Mattches


Can you tell me how many browsers you have linked to your Uphold account?
Additionally, are all these funds earned from watching Brave Ads?

hi @Mattches thanks for replying. I have one browser on my desktop pc connected. i tried weeks ago to connect my laptop too, but i disabled this connection at the same time . Now its only my desktop pc.
is it possible to connect two or more pc or is this a feature what will be coming?
hope you can help

Can you go to brave://rewards-internals and copy/paste/send me the information here in a DM so I can take a close look on our end?

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@Mattches sent an DM to you.

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@Mattches could you find some issues?

I have been having the same problem for months. Wallet wont verify to Uphold and everytime I click withdraw or verify it just goes to the main uphold dashboard and nothing more. Starting to get really annoyed bec I have contact support from both sides and no one can figure anything out. Total shame.

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@Mattches @Asad any tips maybe?

Apologies for the late response. I see your DM but the image seems to be broken:

Can you send them to me again – but this time, instead, copy/paste the information into the DM?

@Mattches i sent again DM now copy/paste. hope it works

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Got it, thank you for resending. Taking a look and will get back to you asap.

thank you.hope u can help

After digging deeper, it seems to be that your wallet is not verified – or more specifically, the wallet you’re using in the browser pictured above is not verified or, it is the 4th+ wallet you’re attempting to link to the same Uphold account.

It appears that you already have wallets linked to this Uphold id – which conflicts with your previous statement:

Can you confirm, again, how many wallets you have/have attempted to link to your Uphold account?

@Mattches so i told you. first i linked my desktop PC and after this i tried with my laptop but i disconnect this few minutes after trying…maybe this issue causes because i had to reinstall my desktop few times after some sofware failures (not Brave)??.
i’m definitly verifed uphold.

what can i do now?

To make sure we’re on the same page:

  1. You tried to link your PC to your Uphold account. This was successful or not?
  2. After trying on your PC, you tried on your laptop, but then disconnected it a few minutes after trying – why did you disconnect it? Did it not work?
  3. You’re not mentioning that you’ve had to un/reinstall the browser “a few times” – why did you have to un/reinstall the browser? Do you mean on your PC or on your laptop?
  1. yes first link(desktop) to uphold was succesfull
  2. after that i thought i can link my laptop too…this didn’t work and i disconnect directly.
    (i didn’t find any information that i can not use diffrent PC’s with brave with one Upholdaccount !)
  3. that i had reinstalled my PC has nothing to do with Brave browser. this was caused by a other software. i installed everything also Brave sometimes with backup sometimes i forgot to use the backup first and linked to uphold…not realy smart i know,-)

so i hope i could give you the hints you need to solve…can you delete unused link??

Can you provide me (via DM) with the payment ID of the one wallet you have that is successfully linked to Uphold?

@Mattches sent DM .
Merry X-Mas

@Mattches any news?
wish a happy new year…