How exactly DO you opt-in? WDP

So, I’ve been doing a little adjusting of my settings, going through each and every last one I can find to make my experience with Brave a little better for me personally, and I happened to end up on one of the pages that describes the “Web Discovery Project” - I forget exactly how, LOL, but it caught my attention anyway after reading through what it is and how it helps, so here I am asking just how exactly DO you opt-in to this project? It says it is an opt-in type of feature, but then says exactly nothing about where you go to do that; and I have not seen any settings in particular which mention it, so I’m just kind of confused as to how it can be participated in. Is it a desktop-only feature? I only work with the mobile version currently as I am in the middle of sourcing the parts and building my own desktop, so if it’s desktop-only then that would make sense, but otherwise I’m clueless. Or maybe I’m just overlooking it somehow? At any rate, would like to know, if anyone might be able to clue me in it would be greatly appreciated!

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