Brave Beta Search - Default leave Web Discovery Project turned on

I know Brave is working to improve its search functionality. I also know that it has a bit of a way to go.
I tried to use Brave Beta by itself and almost typed in another browser to get what I wanted. I later found out about the ‘Web Discovery Project’ and turned it on.
Why doesn’t Brave by default have it turned on, and simply notify people the first time that they use Brave Beta that it is on, and if they would like to they can turn it off (and then provide URL “brave://settings/search”)? So if they care, they can turn it off. Reason why I suggest having it turned on, and require first time users turn it off is because most people wont. They will leave it on. People are often lazy, and they will do what is easy. So if you make it easy for them to help Brave Beta search engine improve, most of them likely will. Rather than hide it in the settings, and require them to go figure it out. Either way Thank you Brave team for fighting for freedom, and doing what a browser should be doing.

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