How does Brave import usernames and passwords?

So I installed Brave browser for the first time today and imported my settings from Chrome. I was very surprised when the Brave browser automatically logged me into all my frequently visited websites. This means that it imported all my usernames and passwords from Chrome as well. How does it work? Is it secure?

It also automatically logged me in to Binance which usually requires 2FA to log in, does that mean it shares the same sessions as Chrome as well?

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Did you elect to go through the import process during the Welcome tour?

Yes, but I did not expect it to import my passwords and sessions too.

When you went through the import process, you should have been given choices as to which data you’d like imported from the selected browser, like so:

If I recall correctly, these options are all selected by default on first import. So if you didn’t make any changes before hitting Import, this would explain the “additional” data imported.

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