How do you print a page from Brave?

I wanted to print a shoe chart, how do I print from Brave?

hello @1776Q

press ctrl +p or choose menu (the horizontal bar on the right side) then print

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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You can also select the main menu button, the select Print:

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Central + P does not work and what horizontal bar on the right side. I’m beginning to wonder if I have the right app …. Has a big lion fon the icon.

Do I have the right app … it’s a lion’s face? Where is the main menu button … every button I have pushed doe NOT have print anywhere … I am beyond frustrated.

do you have this icon on the top right side of the browser

Screenshot from 2022-03-24 15-04-26

what is your platform do you use linux or windows or mac ?

First, thank you. No I do not have that on the top right side of the browser. I have an apple tablet, Mac laptop, and iPhone.

you welcome @1776Q

for your mac laptop use Command-P

I have tried Command+P on all my devices … it’s a no go. Should I delete the app and reload. Why don’t I have the menu bar? I switched to BRAVE because DuckDuckGo decided to join the “censorship club” and I am not about to view some of my programs, news articles, etc. So everything I have on DuckDuckGo I am going to transfer to BRAVE. However, I want to make sure I know how to use BRAVE before I do that …

do you man brave the browser or brave search

which version of the browser you have go to brave://settings/help write this in the url and send screen shoot of what you see there

This is what I have …

to print then click on those 3 dots on the top right side 2 and choose print from there

Screenshot from 2022-03-24 16-18-50

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@1776Q ,

That is an iPad(?) – screenshot.

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 3.25.44 AM

The 3-dot icon is known as a “kabob” menu button. Sometimes oriented horizontally; sometimes oriented vertically.

Left-arrow alongside “Mail” in the upper-left, indicates that the Brave Browser window [tab] was probably launched by clicking on a link in an e-mail that was being viewed in the Mail app aboard the iPad(?).

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 3.32.07 AM

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Yes, this is an iPad screenshot. I downloaded BRAVE via the Apple App Store. I set up my account, which directed me back to my email to verify my account. I tapped on the verification link and I thought I was good to go … nope. Is there another search engine where I am not censored for what I view or print? That is the very reason I downloaded BRAVE, no censorship. I left DuckDuckGo for those very reasons. Thank you for your time.

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