Brave IOS Printing issues

Brave for IPAD will not print multiple page emails. It seems that the print action fails to generate a print image of the entire thread. The only image shown in print preview is of the Browser window with the first page of the email displayed.

Hello @MichaelT, thank you for reaching us out. Are you able to access the print menu? by going three-dot-menu → tap on ‘share with’, Print option is located there:


Are you getting any specific error message? Can you please share a screenshot so we can have a better understating and better assist. Thanks in advance.

To answer your questions:
Yes I can reach the print menu. Both the three dot menu on the email as well as the three dot menu on the Brave menu. Only the Brave menu will actually initiate a print job.
When a print job is initiated, a preview of the file to be printed is displayed. Using most browsers, other than Brave, if the email or other file is more than one page in length, the entire file is displayed. With Brave, regardless of the length of the file, only the first page is displayed. This anomaly only occurs with Brave for IOS running on an IPAD.

I’ve attached a screen shot of the result. The original message was part of a thread and was truncated by the print function of Brave.

It appears that the Brave print function is only looking at the image that is on the IPad display rather than at the file that is to be printed.

There are no error messages.
Using current version of Brave.
Using current version of IOS for the IPAD.

Hope this all makes sense to you.

Did you receive my response to this mail? Any additional questions? Any news about a possible solution?

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