How do you clam Rewards

Hello everyone. I’m new here. I received a reward but how do I access it. Would love some help. Thanks

Hi and welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m new myself and will try to help but someone with more experience may have to jump in! lol

If you are talking about estimate/earned rewards, they are not paid out until the month has ended. They start processing on the 7th of the following month. The current payout period (Feb 1 - Feb 28) will not begin processing until Mar 7.

If you have an unverified wallet and you are looking for BAT you earned in January, you should have a claim button to claim your rewards. There is a checklist in the Brave Ads Payout status that is displayed at the top of the every category in the forums (unless you closed it). Per the checklist:

If you do not have a verified wallet, you will need to go into your Brave Rewards settings and look for a "Claim your ad earnings now!" button. You must click that button in order to claim your BAT payout.

So, if this is the case, go to brave://rewards and see if you have a claim button and claim your rewards! If you don’t have a claim button, you will have to ask for support here: Rewards Support

Just create a new topic in that category and there will be instructions and a template displayed on the right side of the editor. Make sure you copy/paste the template into your message and answer all the questions you can!

Also, make sure you indicate in your topic header something like “Unverified Wallet/No Claim Button” or something similar.

Hopefully, if you’re looking for January rewards, you have a claim button and won’t have to do anything else.

Good luck! :smiley:

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