Any body can tell me this

when my token add in my wallet balance

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See: December Brave Ads Payout Status

It can take 2-3 days to get your payment.

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After 4-5 hours
When 12am hit in CA;USA

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I received my bats, y’all receive your bats soon.

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When your bat credited or you see claim option?

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i got it now . maybe you will received it 1-2 hrs later

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Did you got it in uphold account or clam option??

claim button 2 hrs ago

from which location are you from??

are you FBI or CIA ? why i give you information ?

lol :joy: i just wanted to ask i had not got the clam option in my location

i don’t have it either yet. it will appear don’t worry

yes hopping the best :grinning:

i think this is the latest news about December payment.

In my case I see the claim option this morning and try to claim the rewards. But the app is getting closed automatically. Without opening the claim dropdown on the browser :relieved::sleepy:

Note: This was happened on mobile browser application.

my is claim but the thing is hi was not give all my amount hi only give half of it but thats ok by my side and one more thing my brave beta is crashing when i tab the claim button

@Rohit552 @ankitxx

Hope this help


Still the crashing persists on my browser dude… :man_shrugging::sleepy::sleepy:

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