How do i stop auto stop video when i switch tab?

How do i stop auto stop video when i switch tab?
it’s really annoying when you’re on youtube and switch to another tab and the video stops.

You’re watching YouTube on brave browser not via a mobile app or some other method? This is happening specifically on your mobile? Do you watch by various different methods and have you checked your YouTube settings?

Sorry, I guess that’s my stressful way to ask for more info

@hankerbob When you post, it helps if you provide more details. I mean, things like which OS you’re using is helpful. For example, what you’d do on Android is going to be different than on iPhone. Browser version can make a difference as well.

In any case, chances are you’re missing SettingsBackground video playback being toggled on. Fortunately both of those settings are in same place regardless. (well, if you’re on Mobile)

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