Stop autoplay of videos on iPadOS / iOS

Is it possible to stop autoplay of videos on iPadOS / iOS ?


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Are you referring to Youtube? If you watching it through the Youtube App, you should see a toggle button above the video you are watching and likewise if through the browser.

Salty :banana:

No general tech websites where they blast you with videos.

I believe that there was an IOS update that had autoplay built into the browser. The Dev team is working on this matter as we speak.

You can disable this by going into your settingsplaylisttoggle Auto-play

Salty :banana:

Playlist is just a read it later for videos.

Doesn’t affect standard viewing I would assume.

Could you further elaborate by providing steps in order for me to replicate and provide a website?

Just goto

Wait a short while and the video autoplays.


What are your shield settings?

The default - haven’t changed it.

Is this issue across all websites? Try to see if it’s exclusive to this site.

Don’t know i’m afraid. Just trying out Brave on iOS

Hi there @Graham,

Apologies for the inconvenience, there is not much we can do from our end if this issue is specific to this site.

Sorry confused, I asked if there was a way to turn off autoplay of videos.

Playlist to me appears to be unrelated.

So i assume there is not setting to turnoff autoplay.

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