How do i have 0 bats with 284 ads this month?

how can i have 0 bats with 284 ads?
can anyone help me out or make sense to this because i have no clue what is going on here

Same here showing 0 Bat

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i have 284 ads and still 0 lol

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does this happen a lot? i just started using brave for a few months now, there be days and days with no ads what so ever. is this a thing when it comes to stuff like this?

Yes it happens a lot many times to many users.

unreal. so what happens now? do they come back in a day or 2?
does brave fix the prob? i have the proof 284 ads with not 1 bat lol

Need to wait and watch

Team working on a fix in losing bat issue so maybe its that, and it happens to me but fix minutes later

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ok, thank you for helping me
but the crazy thing is i live nyc and found out that i cant have a wallet and use my bat until they finish some deal with the state of nyc,

Are you doing any thing like clear cache or reboot your device??

like i said iam new to this and when i seen i had 284 ads and 0 bats i didnt know what to do lol,

when i didnt get ads for about 4 days straight someone told me to clear everything and it should work again, and it did work when i did it,

Not really just open the browser in another hour like this, open the brave rewards tab and in any minute or hour will come back

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thank you for helping me out,

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